Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Controversy: Run out not called, then called.

Cricket is almost always played with the heart of the sleeves.
Throw in the likes of Ganguly and Kohli and you have yourself an emotional party.
Yes, that’s right. They would be bang opposite to someone like Dhoni -
it would take more than a gun to his head to display what’s going on in his head.
Not judging at all. People are different. 

Coming back to what happened yesterday. 
First. The narrative. 

In the 48th over, Roston Chase hit the stumps at Jadeja’s end, but South African umpire
Shaun George ruled not out.
But replays suggested Jadeja was short of his crease, prompting the on-field official
to refer it to the third umpire who then gave it out.
So what did happen? Did the umpire look at the replay that was shown on the big
screen at the stadium and decide to call for the third umpire? Did someone talk to him
and ask him to reconsider his decision? 

What ever happened… Our captain was not happy about it at all. Kohli shook his had
furiously in disapproval in the dressing room and was defiant after the game. Kohli said
that the people sitting on the TV outside cannot tell the fielders what to do. "The thought
is simple, the fielder asked 'how is that' and the umpire said 'not out'. The dismissal ends
there. The people sitting on the TV outside cannot tell the fielders to then tell the umpire
to review it again," Kohli said at the post-match presentation.

We have had a lot of controversial outs and not-outs in the game, and this one does
make it to the top ten. 

"I've never seen that happen in cricket. I don't know where the rules are,
where the line is drawn. I think the referee and the umpires have to take that up,
see that incident again. And figure out what needs to be done in cricket. People
sitting outside can't dictate what happens on the field. I think that's exactly what
happened there," Kohli added.

I have one question though. 

What if it had been the other way around? Would there have been such a ‘controversy’?
Would West Indies have reacted?