Thursday, October 13, 2016

Soul Mate

I have been writing for a while now. Professionally. Guess that makes me a writer officially doesn't it? It all started because of a good friend. Someone who refuses to take credit for it. Anyway, I am thoroughly enjoying the work. I left one job last week due to various reasons. I am not going to go into the details now.
So I was looking out for another job. I had to write a piece on relationship. Their website is about relationships. I felt I could write a lot about it.

This was my piece. I wrote it as I felt it. In fifteen minutes. I guess I really meant it. Did not need google at all. That was my biggest clue I guess.

What  if, I didn't marry my soul mate?

We have grown up watching and reading books that revolve around soul mates meeting and finally ending up together. The story always ends up with the magical words, ‘happily ever after’. Our minds have come to believe that we must marry our soul mates. That the purpose of life and living is to search for that elusive person and find them. Life is literally incomplete without the other person. We are incomplete without that person.  It has been made out to be some sort of a summit, the holy grail that is the reason for living.
Books and movies make it all sound very dramatic indeed. You really cannot hear the ‘click’ when you meet someone you can completely synchronise with. There are no violins playing and no bells ringing.  Some people carry a check list with them ticking off the points that do match and then decide to tie the knot. Others follow their instinct and their heart and just do it.
The point is, you do not realise whether that person is truly your soul mate until much later in the day. Is it too late then? Is it really the end of the world when you realise that the one you did end up with is actually a good friend and that you might have more in common with that random stranger you ran into at the departmental store or at a party?
It can be a little hard to take in when the truth sinks in. But then in time you will realise that there are worse things in life.  The truth is no one can be a one hundred percent right for another. There will always be issues. There will always be misunderstanding. There will always be the need for some personal space. The trick is in trying to make things work out, no matter what.
That is what makes two people perfect for each other. Not the ability to spend all the time together without fighting, but the willingness to sort things out and want to be with each other no matter what. That is the true characteristic of a soul mate. Not the number of things in common, but the desire to want to be with each other despite the differences. Not the lack of tiffs, but the ability to make up and go to bed happy.
Your partner is your soul mate, only if you want it to be. Else you are just roommates.

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