Tuesday, August 23, 2016


The beauty of tolerance

I can be the embodiment of patience. I can make parenting look like a piece of cake. I can make myself appear as the girl born to smile and make life look like a walk in the park.
and then I lose patience. My tolerance level drops. Small things start to irritate me. The daughter who made me smile five min back can make me mad enough to want to kill someone.

There are times when I feel that making small talk is truly hard. Being alone seems like bliss. Not having to talk and fill in uncomfortable silences seems like such a good opportunity.

wonder why that is ... There are a few people in my life who can literally get away with anything. Some depending on my mood. Some can fill by body with rage simply by their existence.

End of the day it is all a choice isnt it? If someone is really the apple of your eye, nothing they say can get on your nerves. 

Friday, August 19, 2016

Being Busy - doing nothing.

I talked about time management in my last blog. The fact that I was learning to multi task and work and take care of kids and husband and have a social life . that I am incredibly proud of. I have learnt that I can make time for what is important to me. And if I am struggling to do something or haven't managed to do it it.. it means that somewhere in my head, it is considered as not important.

Yesterday, after a long time, I managed to get some time off. I have two work-from-home jobs and both jobs did not require my attention yesterday. My kids were off and they were just randomly hanging out - playing around not demanding my attention either except for meal times. So I was just lounging around taking it easy. Random cleaning. Random chatting with friends. Random playing with kids. I was doing a bunch of things but nothing constructive or productive.

And I felt I was wasting time. I felt that I should be doing something useful. I felt that I should have tangible results at the end of the day. If I have nothing to show then it is indeed a waste of time.

Now why should that be? Back in the day before I was working, when I was only watching kids and house and people asked me what I did all day I'd look at them thinking - dude go have kids then ask me what I do all day. Today when I do all that I used to do then, it seems like I am not doing enough.

Why does one have to do something all the time? Why cannot relax be a thing too? What did you do today? I took it easy and relaxed. Oh cool yay.

Now that should be a good conversation too 

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Time management

There was a time when I was only taking care of kids and house. And I still wondered how time flew. It seemed like I was doing a lot.
Today I'm working from home as well as the above. And I have a desire to study more. And I'm wondering how absolutely jobless I must have been when I was only handling house and kids.
End of the day its all how you manage your time isn't it? And priority. Today I make only those calls that I think are absolutely essential. I read those books that I want to. Rest really seem inconsequential. Nothing else seems to matter. Things that I considered life threatening if absent are not the same as today.