Monday, June 27, 2016


So .. I met someone lately ... a 23-year-old student going abroad soon to study more. We clicked like that in many ways and managed to connect. She asked me about my blog and all. She wanted to know why I was not into writing personal stuff. It made me wonder too. I am not the kind to post snaps of my children on Facebook or even share them much. This is who I am.

But a blog about me once in a while cannot hurt can it? So I decided to see how it works

Here goes nothing

Hi ....

I am a mom of two kids. I have always felt that I was born to be  mom because I am all about children. I am a teacher by profession currently on a very long maternity leave. I do not see it as a sacrifice or anything because this is what I chose to do today. I have been working from home for a while now writing freelance. I love writing and I decided to see what I could contribute here on a personal level as well. I hope my blog is going to be all fun and frolic and not just mundane talk about the usual mommy and wifey life.

This personal blog will come in between avengers and relationships and what not.

I do not mean to advice. It is not to be taken as one. :)