Sunday, March 27, 2016

Hello world

hello blogging world!

I have always been big on numbers. 30th birthday or ten years of married life. I always make a big deal out of such things. Recently I completed ** ( I was asked not to disclose my age HAHA ) . And I was thinking .. hmm what can i do that is new, refreshing and yet something I can continue for a long long time. I started writing professionally and I realized I did like writing. It is a lot of fun putting your thoughts to words and watching them on paper. Or on the electronic device. As the case may be.
And this blog was a gift to me by a good friend. So why not I do make a big deal out of it yes? So when the idea was first put across, I wondered what I would write about. Blogs do seem to be all about us. A literary version of a selfie. But then I always did have narcissistic tendencies. So this seemed like something I should have done a long time ago. I mean I used to write diaries. And then for some reason I stopped. There is really no better time than now, is there? So here I resume.
And for the theme for my blog. I have given it a little bit of thought. Now I am definitely not tech-savvy. Nor am I a specialist in any field. Well I do love children. And superheroes. And such random stuff. So I am guessing my theme will be around random stuff. Let’s see what time has in store for us. 
I looked up a bit on the net. Looks like the whole idea of blogging can put a bit of a pressure on you. Will it be liked? Will it be well received? Will people think I'm stupid? Do people even want to know what I'm thinking? All these thoughts are bound to drive one crazy. Since I am barely starting on this whole 'blogging' idea, the pressure has not yet hit me I suppose. Let us see how long that lasts too. 

Anyway.. I'm here for now. And I intend to keep this up for as long as I can. It being a birthday gift and all. :) 

Have a nice day !!! 


  1. A theme about nothing.. which sitcom does it remind me of now hmm... ?

  2. :) I take that as a compliment if you comparing it to one of your fav shows